Weekend Update: Williamsburg Rev3, Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #3

We had a busy weekend of racing!

While most of our crew was at the Charleston Sprint, Darrell was crushing the Williamsburg REV3TRI half distance.  He shaved 16 minutes off his previous 70.3 PR and placed 7th in his AG!

We are just a few months out from his first full ironman at IM Chattanooga and I am getting very excited for him. He is having a great year and I expect great things.








We had quite a lot of accomplishments today at the Charleston Sprint Series.  We had podiums, almost-podiums, PRs, and almost-PRs.

We always start with the ladies so let’s talk about the men.




Newest Team AMEC member Dave placed 1st in his category! He’ll be competing in his first 70.3 this fall.








Oldest Team AMEC member Ken placed 1st in his AG- next stop for him is USAT Olympic Distance Nationals in 5 weeks.




Jason came as close as ever to the podium and ALMOST PR-ed.  He missed it by a bummer of 4 seconds.  He had a bit of a slip- but not a fall- in some gravel on the bike which surely cost him more than 4 seconds.  So I expect a podium and new PR is right around the corner.


Burt had this best ever bike split- 29:45- and is knocking on the door of breaking an hour overall.

Pearce has jumped back into the race season after a long hiatus and is only a few minutes off from his best time.



Sarah placed 2nd in AG, missing the top spot by only 8 seconds.  I am anticipating a win next time.





After YEARS of battling a glute/hip injury, Melisa is back and she placed 3rd in her AG! I am so, so, so excited for her.







Missy PR’ed and had a really, really great swim!  We’re gearing up for her first full ironman distance race this fall.


Dawn, who has also been battling a running injury for some time now was only 2 minutes off her PR, which was a few years ago. This is the best race she’s had since her injury and I am thinking we’ve turned the corner!

Melissa was only a handful of seconds off her PR- she’ll get it by the end of the season.




Joelle had a great bike split and is knocking on the door of the podium, I can feel it.

Other newest Team AMEC member Emily is also steps away from a podium and I plan to help her get there. She’ll be competing in her first 70.3 this fall.

And finally, Sheri did great- her fastest bike split and only a little more than a minute off her PR, which was the first race of the year.  She will PR again before this season is up.


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