Weekend Update: Toughman 70.3, Swim Around Charleston

This was the inaugural year of Toughman South Carolina half-distance triathlon in Greenwood.  Melissa participated and reported back that is was a beautiful race. As a flat-lander, Melissa enjoyed the hilly course. She did great- placing 5th in her AG.  She says she will definitely be back next year- hopefully with some AMEC teammates.


We also had a big crew of Team AMEC members at Swim Across Charleston,  a 12 mile open water swim through the Charleston harbor and waterways.  Joelle and Missy joined Jerry and his daughter, Megan, as a 4-person team and Kelsey and Lauren completed it as a 2-person team.  It was a very windy, choppy Sunday morning but they all had a great time and came out unscathed!




Taking turns swimming in shifts, the non-swimming teammates would rest in their accompanying boat.

It goes without saying that the crew members had a very important job in making this a success.  Shannon is our honorary Team AMEC support crew leader, and Julie also joined in the fun.  I’ve been a crew member before and sometimes dealing with grouchy racers can be a challenge! This is a very well run event and I hope we can recruit more Team AMEC peeps next year.






Lastly…. Team AMEC apparel is currently available to order for a limited time. If you are interested in donning our cycling, triathlon or running gear, click here to purchase.  But hurry, all orders must be in by October 8th.

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