Weekend Update: NC 70.3, Great Floridian Full Distance Triathlon, Myrtle Beach Half Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, TriSumter, Hincapie Gran Fondo

WOW! What a busy and amazing weekend for us.  There is so much to talk about.

North Carolina 70.3

We had a huge showing at Ironman 70.3 NC on Saturday.



Dave and Emily completed their first half-ironman and both did FANTASTIC. Dave has been plagued with an injury the past few weeks and we were worried that he was not going to be able to complete the run. However, he rallied like a champion and was able to finish in 5:45. Emily was right behind him and, finishing at 6, which included a stop on the bike when her flat repair kit fell.  She’s already told me “Next time….” and I have no doubt that she will be able to reach all her 2018 goals.





Everything went perfect for Jason today and he was able to PR this course by an incredible 27 minutes. He has also had a slight muscle strain the past few weeks and was unsure of how he would do.  Clearly he has totally prepared and rocked it.





I am elated to report that Ashley finished her first 70.3 strong! She was planning to race last year but was hit by a car on her bicycle a few weeks before the race.  She was able to face her fears and come back to kick ass.



Burt had a fantastic day as well, coming in around 4:40.  According to him the bike was a bit longer than 56 miles, and he had slightly longer than usual transition times, so he feels confident that he would have been close to 4:30 and is very happy with his results.


Milo, who always “forgets” to get pictures for me also crushed it, coming in with a 10 minute PR.

Great Floridian Full Distance



I have to say that Missy wins this weekend’s bad ass award.  While my athletes are all like my children and I love them equally, Missy overcame the most obstacles and finished like a champion.




The bike course had a VERY large hill that she had to ride 3 times.  As a flatlander, she was really challenged by it.  The bike course really put her in a negative head space and as any racer knows that makes the race almost impossible.  HUGE props to Team AMEC Support Crew Leader and #1 Missy fan, Shannon, who kept me in the loop through the entire bike course and relayed all my advice and support to her.  There is NO substitute for having people who love and support you on the course to encourage you when times get really, really hard. By the 2nd loop Missy was no longer able to clip in to her pedals because her cleat had worn down from the hike up the hill.  Shannon called me and handed the phone to Missy.  I said “Do you want to finish?” and she said “YES”. My answer to that was “Your body can do the work but your brain is sabotaging you. Tell yourself you can finish and you will.” And she did.  And I am so beyond proud.

Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon




Elizabeth added a 6th half-marathon to her list of races.  She battled extremely hot conditions to finish strong. She continues to amaze me with her grit and determination.


Marine Corps Marathon22688079_10154717911090146_5645556374795173024_n


Sadly, things do not always go as planned.  Merridee did not have the marathon that she wanted to.  She fell on her knee a few days before the race and it really flared up during the race. While she was hitting the exact pace we wanted for the first half it became too much to overcome.  She finished as a champ but it wasn’t the time she is capable of.  It happens, and she’s already ready for the next one.  By the way, she did qualify for Boston already so we still have big things ahead.






Not one to sit still, Scotty continues to amaze me.  IMG_0111
This weekend he competed in TriSumter and not only won his AG but placed 11th overall.  And if you remember, he is only 13! He continues to push himself and has already put together an epic 2018 race season.  I have no doubt that he’s a name you will be hearing quite a lot about when he gets older.






Hincapie Gran Fondo

And last but not least, a group of my Team AMEC ladies headed to Greenville this weekend for the TotalCyclist DivaCamp, which was 4 days of riding and coaching in the mountains with our main event being the Hincapie Gran Fondo.

I am SO impressed with how each of them did.  Many of them had NEVER ridden in the mountains before and were very afraid of what they had gotten themselves into.  The Gran Fondo has some pretty major climbs and my flatlanders were unsure what to expect.  THEY KILLED IT! It was so fun to watch them learn and improve their climbing abilities over the weekend and the excitement they had after finishing the Fondo. My favorite part was watching them ride past other cyclists walking up Callahan Mountain- a total ass-kicker of a climb that was in the last few miles of the ride.  It was  a weekend I will never forget.

If I could speak for them I think they would not only attribute their preparedness for this weekend to my coaching, but also to TotalCyclist.  Each and every one of them is a weekly participant in our training center and it makes the BIGGEST difference in their riding abilities.  If you are reading this and are from the Charleston area I truly encourage you to come try us out.  Your first class is free using the promo code freepass.  Winter is the best time to get a jump start on your training for the next year. More information and signing up for classes can be found here.

I think that’s it for this week! Reach out to me if you want to be part of this amazing group!!

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