Weekend Update: Mountains to Main Street and Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #1

It was a FANTASTIC weekend of racing for our crew. We had a mini-team in Greenville and a larger group in Charleston. Let’s start with Saturday…

Mountains to Main Street

Jane, Sarah, and Josh raced the Mountains to Main Street 70.3 (actually, it’s officially longer) and all had a great time.  The weather was questionable up until the start of the race and the bike course is tough.  However, it didn’t stop them from crushing it.IMG_6589

This was Sarah and Josh’s first half iron distance and Sarah placed 1st in AG! They both are looking forward to racing this distance again on a flatter course.









Jane came back from the disappointment of this race being cancelled due to weather last year and took the 3rd in AG spot! Really proud of her coming back like that.






Team AMEC athlete Tracey showed her support of the crew by meeting them at the finish line.  We have a really tight knit group and that makes me so happy to watch everyone be supportive of each other.







Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series, Race #1

Woo-hoo we had a good today today.  First race in the series and we had a bunch of PRs already.



I don’t ever seem to be in town for the May race so I was SO HAPPY to be able to cheer everyone on.  We have the most amazing group and I love when we can all get these group shots.



Everyone has a friendly competitive spirit- most of my ladies are clustered in 2 different AGs and while they always have race face during, they are all smiles together after.








Let’s start with the PR crew, these lovely ladies and the time they’ve shaved off.


Dawn: 5.5 minutes
Melissa: 2 minutes
Missy: 2 minutes
Robin: 1 minute
Steve: 12 minutes!!
Scotty: 4 minutes

Honorable mentions: Dave, by 2 minutes from last year and :08 away from his 2018 goal already. And Emily, who is breathing down the neck of her PR (:30





And how about those podium spots?!?

Scotty: 1st in AG
Ken: 2nd in AG
Melissa: 3rd in AG
Missy: 3rd in AG



Finally, I have to mention Joelle and Darrell.  They both have the wonderful attitudes and are such great team members.  Joelle has had a few setbacks this winter but is only 1 minute off last year’s times so I have no doubt we will be there soon. Darrell is technically in coaching purgatory right now- having a “fun” year after a super busy 2017 race season. I am still patiently waiting for him to be ready to stop having fun and getting back to work.


Next weekend: Lowcountry Splash. Go Team AMEC!

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