Weekend Update: Laurel Hill Off-Road Duathlon



Whoot! What a great time we had at the Laurel Hill Off-Road Duathlon.  6 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a random idea for a race, and it was so great to see my dream become a reality today. Thanks so much to Charleston County Parks and Recreation for partnering with me and making this one awesome event.


As usual, my team did not disappoint in terms of racing or volunteering.  As everyone knows, I am so impressed with all my athlete’s love for each other and desire to cheer on their friends. This was a new type of event for everyone- some of them had never done anything off-road before, and I think they are all hooked!




Scotty started his season with an impressive 16th overall and ready to tackle big triathlon goals this year.  It was also great to have his dad, Steve, out there racing with him.



Sarah killed it with a 4th overall female placement.  She was on a borrowed mountain bike as she has never really ridden off-road before, and I am pretty sure a new bike is now in her future.  She’ll be headed to Duathlon Nationals in April and I know she will do great.





I was super stoked for out of town Team AMECers  Jen and Michael travel down from Ohio, and Darrell to make the trip from Marietta to join us for the race.  They all had a great race.

I don’t have a single damn picture of Michael Bannister’s award-winning race attire, but it worked as he had the 2nd fastest bike split and finished 7th.  Maybe we can get him to run more and then he will win…






Also props to Jane for having the fastest female bike split, Tracey for racing on a borrowed bike, Robin and Missy for trusting me that they would do great and have fun,  Melissa for racing with a maybe slightly still broken elbow, Bree for jumping back in to racing, Jerry for coming out in the cold, and Joelle and Dawn and mini-team AMECers Madison and Hadley for being the best course marshals/cheerleaders out there.

You guys are all the best.  And the race was such an overall success- we will be back next year!

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