Weekend Update: Kiawah Half-Marathon and Jingle Bell 5k

2017 has been such a great year and we are wrapping it up with more fantastic results.  I couldn’t be any prouder of this team!

Kiawah Half Marathon 

We went into Kiawah half with a lot of expectations and everything unfolded out exactly as planned.IMG_4847

Sarah finished the year amazing results and tons of PRs with one more: a finish time of 1:36 which is a 3 minute half-marathon PR and was good enough to place her 5th in her AG. I am so incredibly proud to have been with her on this journey from a newbie triathlete to a fierce competitor. She is going to kick some serious ass in 2018.


Needless to say, I was beyond excited when she FINALLY brought her husband Josh onto the team and I was able to get my hands on a diamond in the rough.  He completed his first half-marathon with a very impressive time of 1:43. He has made huge gains already in the few months that I have coached him so I can’t wait to get him into the 2018 race season.

And last but not least, Brian also KILLED it with a 25 minute half-marathon PR.  When we started together early 2017 he wasn’t even sure if the half distance would be possible after his multiple knee surgeries, but if he could compete his goal was “under 2 hours, but close to 1:45 would be ideal”.  We worked very hard but also very smart and got him to the finish line feeling great in 1:38!!!! He’s another one that I know will do nothing but get faster in 2018.


Jingle Bell 5k

The Jingle Bell 5k also brought us some great results.  Missy, taking a break from racing since her Florida ironman, came out as the Team AMEC cheerleader and brought Joelle and Jerry to victory.  Both placed 1st in their AG today and I am super excited for both of them! Joelle and I switched our focus this year to speed over distance and it is paying off well.


I can’t believe it but this is it for the year.I am so honored to work with each of my athletes and can’t wait for all the big things to come in 2018.  I still have room for a few more athletes if you are interested in coaching this year.  We would love to have you and you would love to have them- they are the best group of people you could ever race with! Contact me.

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