Weekend Update: Isle of Palms Connector Run and Kiawah Island Triathlon

It was an active fall race weekend for Team AMEC, although the temperatures made it feel more like summer.



Saturday was the Isle of Palms Connector Run and Walk for the Child 5k and 10k.  The hot, humid and windy conditions didn’t allow for any PRs.  Mini-me had a great 5k race placing 2nd in the 13-17 y.o. female age group.  There’s a big difference between a 13 and 17 year old, so I am thrilled that at 13 she is already in the top.  She finished 11th overall female and 39 overall overall.  I am very proud of her! Thank you to Tag Your Pix for all the amazing pictures- click the link to look for yours, too!brian

Brian didn’t have this best day at the 10k but that’s ok.  it was his first 10k race since returning to racing from knee surgeries and coming on board Team AMEC . I am not concerned that he won’t be where he wants to be very soon.


Now let’s move on to the Kiawah Island Triathlon.



Another hot and humid day on Sunday, and a lot of anticipation for those athletes who were wrapping up their seaon. We had some heartache sprinkled in with some great results.




Here are the podium results:

Burt- 3rd place Overall
Emily- 2nd in AG
Missy- 3rd in AG
Dawn- 3rd in AG




While podium spots are always awesome, it’s even more awesome with 75% of our podium placers are in the last stages of training for longer races.  Burt and Emily are racing North Carolina 70.3 in 2 weeks and Missy is wrapping up for Great Floridian full distance.   In fact, Missy also PR’ed by 6 minutes after having a 20 mile run a few days prior.  Crazy!

Dawn’s podium is just as exciting as she came into the season with a running injury and her main goal for the year was to get a top 3.  After several close calls in the sprint series she was able to achieve her goal. I am so very proud of her!

Although he didn’t podium, Jason was able to snag a PR today- also while training for NC 70.3.

Anne-Patrick made me so proud for putting her fears in the trash can and finishing her first ever Olympic distance.  She did amazing.

One of our newest Team AMEC peeps Josh just missed a PR today- his training has been going extremely well and I look forward to a HUGE 2018.

No PR for Milo but he is also ready to rock NC 70.3.

And a little heartache….

Joelle developed a bad ear infection after Swim Across Charleston last weekend and had to pull out of the race today after the bike leg.  This was her big race this year as we changed focus to work on speed on shorter races.  I am so sad for her but we all know it happens.

Dave went into today ready to rock only to have his hip go out on the run.  We are in slight panic mode as we get down to the wire for NC 70.3, but with some rest the next 2 weeks I have confidence that we can nip this in the bud.

But our biggest disappointment of the day comes from Sarah.  The first text I got was from Joelle telling me that Sarah was first female to cross the finish line. I knew she could do it and I was so proud and excited for her.  Then I got the text when, at the end of the race,  she realized she misinterpreted a signal from an officer on the race course and cut out a small portion of the bike. Although she had the race of her career and would have likely finished first even without the mistake that’s hardly a consolation for not receiving an award and wrapping up your amazing year with the best victory of all.  I take such pride in her for two reasons: her hard work but also her integrity.  Let’s face it, no one saw her take the wrong turn and she could have easily “gotten away with it.”  However, she didn’t hesitate to tell officials of her mistake.  Sadly, there are some out there who would have not done the same thing.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I am most proud of my team’s commitment to each other.  There is nothing but love and support among them.  It is truly the special to hear from each of them sometimes and it not about themselves but their teammates. I love each and every one of them.

I am pleased to announce that I have the availability to take on a few new athletes for the next season- and it’s never to early to start.  If you would like to come on as a member of our amazing team, contact me.  Additionally, I offer athlete strength and conditioning classes on Mondays at 5:30 PM at Fuel in Motion for $5 as well as lots of other things over the winter.  If you don’t already like my Anne Moore Endurance Coaching facebook page, head over there to stay in the loop on everything we’ll be doing to get ready for next year.

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