Weekend Update: Ironman Florida

It was a beautiful weekend in Florida! When Ironman Texas was cancelled earlier this year, athletes were offered a transfer to Ironman Florida. In some ways it was a difficult decision for Sandy and Michele- who wondered if they would put in training to only be disappointed by another deferral. However, when it was given the absolute green light 8 weeks ago these ladies were ready to gear up for the home stretch of their training. And man did it pay off!

Sandy had a spectacular day, going into it optimistic but not stressed by expectations. She CRUSHED it finishing in 10:24:23, winning her AG and coming in 3rd overall AG female. It was a nail biter at times- she was neck and neck with another athlete and finally started to pull away about half way into the run. She’s now achieved her triathlon career goal of securing a Kona slot! Yep, she will be heading to Ironman World Championships. I am so very proud of her.

Michele had an incredible day and became a first time Ironman! She was so steady all day and managed to come in 13:48:36, 12 minutes faster than our goal of 14 hours. I so enjoyed tracking her progress all day, watching her solid swim and bike and then staying so consistent on her run. She did so awesome and I couldn’t be more stoked.

These are the days I am so happy that I get to do what I do. I love when everything comes together and athletes exceed their goals. Great job, ladies! All the love today 🙂

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