Weekend Update: IM Maryland, Hellhole Gravel Grind, IM Chattanooga, Augusta 70.3

Hi! It’s been a while since we have had a big weekend to talk about but we sure did last weekend. And as real life goes, we had some good results and some not so happy times. Here we go….

IM Maryland

The IM Maryland weekend started with the underwear fun run on Friday. These are always a great way to take the edge off your pre-race nerves and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I am so proud to announce that Shannon, Jenn, and Angie all became ironwomen this weekend- each crushing their first Ironman ever! I loved following their progress throughout the day and getting updates of all their smiling faces.

If you asked them, I would expect they would all say they exceeded their own expectations but I knew that they would all do amazing. I have enjoyed the process of preparing them, knowing that they were each soooo ready- even when they were not sure of themselves.

Also a huge shout out to our ladies’ teammates and loved ones- Missy, Ashley, Sandra and honorary Team AMEC member Peggy- for being the best sherpas and cheerleaders ever

Hellhole Gravel Grind

We had a big team showing at the Hellhole Gravel Grind this weekend. With 1, 2, or 3 days of riding we had peeps pushing their limits and doing AWESOME. I’m about to talk about 1 and 2 day but they all started the weekend with the Friday night Prologue- a 7 mile all out effort in the dusk of night. That’s such a fun way to start the weekend!

Dave, Michael, and Steve all crushed the 46 miler on Saturday.

Brian, Jenn, Joelle, Josh, Sarah, and Tracey rocked the 1-day 73 miler on Saturday- and other than Brian this was each of their longest gravel rides to date.

Sandy (and yours truly) were both plagued with a mechanical issue that prevented us from finishing the 2-day 73 milers. Bummer, but that’s life.

Melissa and Robin get a huge shout out. Melissa finished the 2-day 73 miler which meant 153 miles of gravel over three days. AND, after finishing her longest gravel ride ever of 73 miles on Saturday, Robin CAME BACK and supported Melissa by riding the first 27 miles of Sunday with her. I am so proud of both of them and I would dare to say they are each very proud of themselves.

Also, a HUGE thank you to our favorite HHGG volunteers Mike and Kimberly. They worked the aid stations like champions. And, Kimberly has signed on as Volunteer Coordinator for our future events. If you ever want to join in the fun we would love to have you!

IM Chattanooga and Augusta 70.3

Sadly, the rest of our weekend didn’t end as planned. We have all experienced the disappointment of a race setback- it’s part of life. But, they are part of the process and ultimately make you a stronger racer. The heat got to both Darrell and James. Darrell suffered from severe dehydration and had to withdraw from Chatty around mile 18 of the run. I know he is disappointed but recognizes he made the right decision. James also suffered from heat-related cramping during Augusta 70.3 He finished, but not with the time we were hoping for. Both guys put in all the work and were completely ready- but Mother Nature sometimes has a cruel way of reminding us who is boss. I am still very proud of them.

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