Weekend Update: IM Chattanooga 70.3 and Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #1

We had a huge showing at 2 big races on Sunday. Ashley, Darrell, Emily,  Missy , Sandra, Shannon, and Tracey represented us at IM Chattanooga 70.3 and Jennifer, Joelle, Ken, Melissa, Robin, Scotty, and Steve kicked off the Charleston Sprint Triathlon series with Race #1.

IM Chattanooga 70.3

Let’s head to Chattanooga first… It’s always awesome to have a lot of racers at one event- it makes it more fun and less stressful to have teammates/friends supporting one another. Plus, that means we have multiple Sherpas with the opportunity for more pictures!




Chatty has a hard run course and it was HOT but the team still had all the smiles!

When it was all said and done, everyone did GREAT!!!!

Darrell crush his previous time at Chatty by over 30 minutes. Calculating in the difference of the slightly shorter swim this year it would have still been at least a 20 minute PR. It was also his first ever sub-2 hour run for a 70.3, finishing that leg in 1:54. I am so proud of him.

Missy and Shannon both blew their previous 70.3 PRs out of the water- Missy by 57 minutes and Shannon by 1 hour and 16 minutes! I am so stoked for them!

Tracey cut 30 minutes off her time from her last hilly 70.3 which is an awesome accomplishment.

Ashley CRUSHED the bike course (like for real, she rocked it) and held on for a strong finish.

Emily posted up a great time only a couple minutes off her 70.3 PR which was on a pancake flat course. She should be proud of herself- I know I am!

Sandra has worked hard and gotten so much stronger on the bike. She exceeded my expectations and beat her last 70.3 bike split by a mile an hour- and Chattanooga is a hilly, tough course. I am very happy with her results.

Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #1

The Charleston Sprint series is the signature triathlon event of the area and is always an important part of the team’s season. This weekend it kicked off and we had some great results!

Thanks to Dawn, Hadley, and Madison for being awesome cheerleaders. We got some live action shots, too!

We had 4 podiums today!

Jennifer and Scotty placed 1st in their AGs, Ken finished 2nd in his AG, and Joelle grabbed 3rd in hers! Everyone else did well, too, and I am looking forward to faster times as the series moves on!

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