Weekend Update: Delta Epic

It’s been a loooonnnnngggg time since I’ve been able to update you on some badassery by the Team. Last weekend Robin, Tracey, and Melissa ventured to Mississippi with me to participate in the Delta Epic, a 300 mile self-supported gravel race through the Mississippi delta. Initially training as a 4-person relay team, one of their members had to pull out the week of the event. These ladies- all of them having only ridden 100 miles of gravel once- rallied and carried on picking up the additional miles. Starting at midnight on Friday and finishing early Sunday morning, the race was a continuous completely self-supported adventure. Self- supported meaning that they were unable to assist the current rider on the course – the other riders had to wait at the next checkpoint and could only communicate then. Each of them tackled fears of riding at night, navigating the unmarked course, and riding those distances alone… and I am so proud of them. Since I was doing the race also as a solo rider, I was blessed to spend time with each of them over the course of the weekend. I think I speak for all of them that it was a challenge they will never forget!

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