Weekend Update: CIRREM , Play Tri, Moultri Militia Gravel Raid and Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo

It was a busy weekend with racers all over the country: California, Iowa and South Carolina all saw members of Team AMEC.


A long running 100k gravel race in beautiful Madison County , Iowa is a tough one: punchy hills, unpredictable weather, and some very stiff competition. We had our midwestern representatives Jenn, Brad and Ken out there kickin ass. Jenn had a great race- just missing the podium with a 4th place finish in a field that contained some of the most well-respected badass women of gravel. She had a blast and was super stoked with how it went. Brad suffered an unfortunately mechanical and wasn’t able to finish, HOWEVER, not before putting the smackdown on the lead field. I’d say he was really stoked with how that went. Ken, just after coming back from 12 hours of Sebring, went in with a target power/intensity and hit it no problem. I’m proud of all of them!


Jason was in sunny California at the Play Tri Triathlon. However… the winds we so strong that they had to cancel the swim and convert it to a duathlon. Additionally, we used this race as a jumping back in event as his big race is Hawaii 70.3 None of that stopped him from killing it though- he placed 2nd in his division!

Moultrie Militia Gravel Raid

A new race within the Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo, the Moultrie Milita Gravel Fondo started at 11 PM and consists of an unsupported 177.6 miles of gravel. Bannister and I tackled this beast, finishing in 15 hours. It was a long, cold night and windy next day but we somehow managed to still have a lot of laughs

Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo

And finally, the biggest event of the weekend for us was the Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo. Andreas, Angie, Darrell, Dave, Emily C, Emily K, Joelle, Melissa, Mike, Pearce, Robin, Sandy, Tracey and honorary team member Peggy all joined in the fun.

It was the first gravel fondo for Angie and Peggy, both having a blast in the 27 miler. These ladies have also be instrumental in getting women of the area off-road riding. Dave, Emily and Joelle all raced the 50 miler and crushed it, even with Emily’s mechanical at the beginning of the morning. This was also her first gravel race and longest gravel ride ever.

Sarah and Sandy both landed 2nd place podium spots in their respective races: Sarah the 100 and Sandy the 50. This was the longest gravel ride for both of these ladies, too! In fact, it was Sarah’s longest ride on any surface. Sandy had the privilege of running afterwards since her next big event is Ironman Texas.

Josh and Darrell finished the 100 really solid, as well. This was Josh’s longest ride ever and Darrell finished his 3rd Swamp Fox 1 hour faster than his previous PR. That is also after having races the Barn Burner 100 miler in Bentonia, Ms last weekend.

And finally, the terrific trio of Melissa, Robin, and Tracey surprised themselves (but not me) in finishing their first 100 mile gravel ride. They stuck together and encouraged each other through an amazing day. I loved hearing all their stories when they finished. I am so proud of them!

That’s it for this weekend šŸ™‚ It’s an off week this week but we will be back up and running the following. Stay tuned!

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