Weekend Update: Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #1

The Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series is underway and we had a GREAT race 1!



It’s hard to believe that the series is here as it is a huge part of my coaching career.  I have enjoyed watching athletes race and improve in these races for the last 9 years! I love these Sunday mornings when I check my phone for the first text of the day: a picture of all my peeps gathered together pre-race.  I love helping each of them improve but I love the fact that they are so supportive of each other even more!


Today we had podiums, PRs,  and honorable mentions.





Bree 3rd in division

Darrell 1st in AG

Ken 1st in AG


Darrell over 5 minutes

Missy over 3 minutes

Melissa over 1 minute

Sheri over 3 minutes




Badass Honorable Mentions Awards:

Joelle raced after having fever and chills the day before

Dawn raced after waking up with a sore throat

Milo beat someone significant, and I’m going to leave it at that 😉



I can’t wait to continue to report on all of these athlete’s improvements, plus the results of all the others who could not be there today. It’s going to be a great summer- stay tuned!

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