Weekend Update: Charleston Sprint Series Championship



Man, it is so hard to believe that the sprint series has come to an end. Race #5 always proves to be a tough one: the competition is steep and it’s usually hotter than hell. However, Team AMEC had another awesome day out there.IMG_7927

I was able to make it in time to cheer everyone on during the run, which is always great fun for me.







Darrell- 3rd in AG (even after a 80 mi ride Wednesday and a 16 mi run Thursday since he’s in IM training.)
Dave- 1st in Category
Kinsey- 3rd in AG
Sarah- 1st in AG (and 6 seconds off her PR, dang it!)IMG_7931

All- time PRs


2017 Series PRs





2017 Series Championship Standings

Anne-Patrick- 12th in AG
Bree- 2nd in Category
Burt- 11th in Category
Darrell- 2nd in AG
Dave- Overall Category Winner
Dawn- 6th in AG
Emily- 10th in AG
Joelle- 3rd in AG
Ken- Overall AG Winner
Melisa- 3rd in AG
Melissa- 9th in AG
Milo- 6th in AG
Missy- 11th in AG
Pearce- 4th in AG
Sarah- Overall AG Winner
Sheri- 6th in AG






While the summer draws to a close yet again, that doesn’t mean we are done.  Most of the team has just begun for the late summer/early fall season.  Stay tuned!

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