Weekend Update: Charleston Marathon and Half Marathon

Yesterday kicked off 2020 with the Charleston Marathon and Half Marathon. It was an unusually warm and humid January day which doesn’t always work well for running distance events. Therefore, no one really achieved the results they wanted but had a great time all the same.

However, a huge congrats to Jessica for completing her first ever half marathon (pictured left), and Jenn (right) for completing her 10th full marathon.

Our half marathon runners were Andreas, Emily C, Emily K, Jessica, Melissa, Michele and Pearce. No PRs but everyone was out there supporting one another, running with friends, and celebrating life.

Jenn wrapped up a crazy year of marathoning and Ironmaning… Starting with Boston Marathon, then IM Maryland, then IM Florida, then Charleston Marathon. She’s been a total champ through it all and is now looking forward to resting her body.

Next weekend is the Off-Road Duathlon which is such a fun event. Almost everyone from the team will be out there- be sure to say hi!

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