Weekend Update: Toughman Triathlon, Turtle Trot, Kiawah Kids Triathlon, Kiawah Triathlon, IM Chattanooga



As you can see from the title of today’s update we had A TON of racing this weekend.  We’re are tying up the tri season with much success.  As you start looking at our race results you’ll see what I mean!

Saturday brought us the Toughman Triathlon, The Turtle Trot 5k, and the Kiawah Island Kids Triathlon.

Toughman Triathlon satu

Team AMEC represented in 3 disciplines of the Toughman: Melissa in the Half distance, Jane in the Olympic distance, and Angie in the Half distance Aquabike. And ALL 3 of THEM PLACED 1st IN THEIR AGE GROUPS!


Obviously there’s nothing more to say about this other than I am so incredibly proud of them! It’s a hilly course up there and all 3 flat landers trained really hard to be competitive – Jane and Melissa spending time in the mountains riding and Melissa and Angie doing climbing simulation rides at TotalCyclist in Mount Pleasant.



Turtle Trot 5k

New team members Alsat2exis and Liz had their first race with us with much success.  Alexis PR’ed!

Robin also raced- coming back to running after a few months focusing more on her cycling did AWESOME! Really proud of her as well.

Kiawah Island Kids Triathlon

My minis Madison and Hadley continue to add to their triathlon resumes, both doing awesome in the Kiawah Island Kids Tri.

Both little ladies put out great times with Madison’s time putting her in 3rd in her AG.  These girls have so much grit and determination and I expect them to develop into great athletes!





On to Sunday….

Kiawah Island Triathlon


Man, did we have a kick ass day at Kiawah! First of all, as usual, we had non-racing team members come out and cheer for everyone.  This is why I LOVE these guys!!! Huge shout out to Kimberly, Missy, Shannon and Tracey (Shannon likes when I list everyone in alpha order) for coming out to support their teammates/friends.

Now let’s talk racing!! Since we had soooooo many people out there I am going to just list accomplishments and pictures…. kiawa1


Dave: 7 minutes
Dawn: 4 minutes
Jane: 6 minutes (remember how she raced yesterday too?)
Josh: 4 minutes
Sarah: 4 minutes







Emily: 2nd in AG
Jane: 2nd in AG
Ken: 1st in AG
Sarah: 1st in AG
Scotty: 2nd in AG (competing in 17-19 AG as a 14 year old, and first ever olympic distance)














As far as everyone having fun? They were all winners!













And finally…
IM Chattanooga



It was a tough, hilly, hot race out there but Sandy and Jana gave it their all.  After they cancelled the swim earlier this week we quickly came up with new plans and strategies for the race. It’s always extremely disappointing when these things happen given all the blood, sweat and tears that go into the training.  However, these ladies handled it with grace.

Sandy killed it on the bike – coming in 1 minute faster than our goal split time.  The run proved to be a challenge due to the conditions but she still finished strong in 10:28.  When we first started working together she’s was coming back from a serious injury and even more serious burn out and I have been THRILLED to see her come back so strong and happy. The sparkle is in her eye and she loves racing again which makes me happier than any time/ race results.



This was Jana’s first ironman and she crushed it!  She put out a very impressive bike split and then held on for a solid run.  She finished in 12:30 and I am SOOOOO happy for her!  It has been great to see her improve and do things that she wasn’t sure were possible.  I am really proud of the athlete she has become.

They both look so happy to be done.  Congrats, ladies!!!!


Weekend Update: White Lake Half and International and the Swim Jam



It was a hot one this weekend but that didn’t stop any of my ladies from kicking ass.



White Lake


Dawn and Shannon took charge in the International distance while Missy crushed the half.   And, as usual, we had other team members traveling as the support squad.  Tracey and Kimberly cheered, took pictures and kept me in the loop.




Shannon finished her season strong- completing her first international distance race and placing 3rd in her AG! She’s had a hell of a year- starting with her first race EVER in June and then racing the entire sprint series, completing a half distance and now an international.  Amazing!

Dawn is continuing to improve her season.  She had a great bike split this race – shaving 2 minutes off from the same race in the spring.  She’ll be taking the momentum of this race to crush Kiawah Island Olympic distance this coming weekend.



Missy had a GREAT race- placing 3rd in her AG! She crushed the bike- shaving off more than 30 minutes from her last half distance. The heat was BRUTAL and the run was tough, but she persisted and got on that podium.  I am so happy with how much her season has rocked.




We had a nice showing at the Swim Jam on Saturday.  Andreas, Melissa, Joelle, Melisa and Jane all crushed it and had fun while doing so.  Joelle and Jane used today as a final open water training day for the 12 mile Swim Around Charleston next weekend.  Jane will be completing it as part of a 4 person team while Joelle is doing it solo! I can’t wait!!!!

Weekend Update: Charleston Sprint Triathlon 5 and CCA Regional Championships

It’s always hard to believe when the series finale of the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series sneaks up on us. It marks the unofficial end of summer and always seems to get here before we know it.  But as usual, it turns out to be one of the better races of the season.  We had PRs, almost PRs, podiums, fastest splits, and other important personal accomplishments.

I know I say this every week but I never take for granted how close-knit our team is.  They are so supportive of each other- so much so that they even do each other’s hair.


Let’s discuss some of today’s moments.








Dave, 21 seconds
Missy, 49 seconds- down almost 2 minutes from the first race of the season.
Shannon, 3 minutes- down an INSANE 6 minutes from her first race of the season.






Sarah, 6 seconds off




Emily C, 3rd in AG
Emily K, 2nd in AG
Jane, 3rd in AG
Sandy, 3rd Open









Other Important Stuff

Melissa, bike split PR
Sandy, bike power PR
Sarah, swim split PR

Joelle and Shannon, tied for most smiles award

Dawn, best attitude award

39012973_10215781455716676_9037364068486217728_nJane, best bike mount award

Also… a big welcome to Sandy racing her first race as a Team AMEC member.  She’s returning to the sport after an prolonged injury break and we are stoked to have her.















Next up is the CCA Regional Bike Racing Championshipscca

Scotty and Steve headed down to Walterboro for some bike racing this weekend.  Scotty raced his first ever criterium and did great.  He placed 1st of his age category and 3rd overall in the race.

Both he and Steve did the TT on Sunday and killed it.  I forsee more bike racing in their futures.


Weekend Update: Lake Logan Half Distance Triathlon and Aquabike

Our team headed to the mountains this past weekend for the Lake Logan Triathlon and Aquabike.




Long time team member, friend, and amazing advocate for women in multisport, Angie, raced her first long-distance aquabike (swim/bike).   It was her first experience in the mountains with a cold swim and very hilly bike. She did amazing and I am super proud of her.  Next up is the Toughman Aquabike in September and I know she is going to crush that as well.


Next up is our awesome Shannon.  She’s been the Official Team AMEC Sherpa for years and finally stepped into the spotlight this summer.  Her first event was the She Tris women’s only triathlon (which was founded by none other than our amazing Angie) in June and jumped right in with 2 feet for the Lake Logan Half.  She has the best attitude and I knew she would do amazing.  She even took home the Novice Female award!  Not sure what’s next up for her but I am sure there is something on her mind already.




Jana is one of our newest team members and she is such a great addition- we love her! She did a great job placing 6th in her AG.  We used today as a training race for IM Chattanooga in September.  I have all the confidence in the world that she is going to rock that, too!



Last but not least is Tracey.  This was her second year at Lake Logan. She’s had a very busy life year so her training hasn’t been as solid as she’s wanted but her attitude was perfect.  She says, “Yesterday was tough….I knew going in that my training was not where it should be, but nothing went as I hoped. In the end, what I love about triathlon and the 70.3 distance is how you learn so much about how much further you can go when you get the “I can’t” out of your head.”   I’m really proud of her.  She’ll be headed to the Hincapie Gran Fondo in October for a very challenging ride.


Next week is the official end of the summer triathlon season in Charleston with the last CSTS race. I can’t believe it! We will have a huge crew there so stay tuned…

Weekend Update: Youth Triathlon and Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series Race 4

It was a great weekend out at James Island County Park.  Saturday was the Youth Triathlon and Sunday was the 4th race of the Charleston Sprint series.





The Youth Triathlon

Madison and Hadley represented the team well on Saturday- coming in 4th and 5th, respectively.  These girls have a ton of spunk- just like their mama- and I am so proud of their determination.  They are definitely two to watch in the future.






Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series Race 4



Sunday was the big day- we had 18 members of Team AMEC out there giving it their all.




I LOVE going out there to watch and cheer. Everyone did awesome and, as always, they support each other and have such a great time.







Here are this weeks PRs and Podiums and other cool stuff.





Missy, 15 seconds
Shannon, 3 minutes 10 seconds

It’s worth noting that Missy has basically PR’ed every race this series, and Shannon shaved all that time off from CSTS #3- only a few weeks ago.










Bree, 1st in Category
Darrell, 1st in AGIMG_1279
Emily K, 3rd in AG
Jane, 3rd in AG
Missy, 3rd in AG
Sarah, 5th in Open/Elite
Scotty, 1st in AG
Shannon, 3rd in AG















Jane won the prime for the fastest female bike split! Plus, she wins the Team AMEC spirit award this week for her blue hair and nails.


Stay tuned next week for Lake Logan Half iron distance and Aquabike results!