Master’s Swim and Conditioning Program Starts March 1

Starting March 1st at the MUSC Wellness Center

MUSC Wellness Center Members and Non-Members welcome!

6 Week Program
March 1st – April 8th
Tuesday evening 6:00pm
Friday morning 6:00am

This total conditioning program will improve your swimming stroke, build strength, and increase your power and endurance.  This workout will add a new element to your current fitness routine.  Join me in this unique program designed to motivate and challenge you, and to further develop your swimming abilities and improve overall fitness.

This 6 week training program:
1. Tuesday and Friday will follow a Masters Swimming format with stroke perfection and a continuous endurance swim workout.
2. Both training sessions will also have a boot camp format combining sprint work with intervals of deck work.  The workout will focus on strength and power along with core and upper body conditioning.

Limited to 20 people – Please sign up early
Fees: Members: $50.00, Non-Members: $100.00, Students: $25.00

Non-members obtain a membership during the 6 weeks so you can use the facility whenever!

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