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WEEKEND UPDATE: Pinehurst Triathlon, Blue Ridge Half Marathon, NDA High School Dance Nationals

WHOOP! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post any weekend updates and do I have a good one right now! We had racers in North Carolina and Virginia, and dancers in Florida and I’m happy to report on all of it!

Pinehurst Triathlon

Missy and Shannon were able to FINALLY […]

Weekend Update: Ironman Florida

It was a beautiful weekend in Florida! When Ironman Texas was cancelled earlier this year, athletes were offered a transfer to Ironman Florida. In some ways it was a difficult decision for Sandy and Michele- who wondered if they would put in training to only be disappointed by another deferral. However, when it […]

Weekend Update: Delta Epic

It’s been a loooonnnnngggg time since I’ve been able to update you on some badassery by the Team. Last weekend Robin, Tracey, and Melissa ventured to Mississippi with me to participate in the Delta Epic, a 300 mile self-supported gravel race through the Mississippi delta. Initially training as a 4-person relay […]

Weekend Update: CIRREM , Play Tri, Moultri Militia Gravel Raid and Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo

It was a busy weekend with racers all over the country: California, Iowa and South Carolina all saw members of Team AMEC.


A long running 100k gravel race in beautiful Madison County , Iowa is a tough one: punchy hills, unpredictable weather, and some very stiff competition. We had our midwestern representatives […]