Weekend Update: IM Chattanooga 70.3 and Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #1

We had a huge showing at 2 big races on Sunday. Ashley, Darrell, Emily,  Missy , Sandra, Shannon, and Tracey represented us at IM Chattanooga 70.3 and Jennifer, Joelle, Ken, Melissa, Robin, Scotty, and Steve kicked off the Charleston Sprint Triathlon series with Race #1.

IM Chattanooga 70.3

Let’s head to Chattanooga first… It’s always awesome to have a lot […]

Weekend Update: Duathlon World Championships, White Lake International Triathlon, Nashville Half Marathon, Oconee Man Triathlon, Blue Sky Endurance Fest

Wow- it was a BUSY weekend all over the world for Team AMEC. Races on both Saturday and Sunday brought us all the warm fuzzies and great results.

After qualifying for the Duathlon World Championships last spring, Sarah traveled to Pontevedra, Spain to take part in this exciting experience. We were […]

Weekend Update: USA Duathlon Nationals and Coastal Cyclist Century

It was a fun weekend in Greenville for Brian, Josh and Sarah. All 3 participated at the USA Duathlon Nationals. Each raced in the Draft-Legal Sprint on Saturday and the Non-drafting Standard on Sunday. The sprint consisted of a 5k run, 18k bike, 2.85k run and the standard was a 8.45k run, 39k […]

Weekend Update: LandRun 100, Shamrock Shuffle 5k and 10k, Bosch 5k, and Race and Roast 5k

It was a fun weekend for bikes and running by Team AMEC. Let’s start with bikes.

Lane headed to Oklahoma for the iconic LandRun 100. This race is one of the leading “must-dos” for gravel racers. Many times the weather is complete crap and make the race unfinishable but fortunately this year […]

Weekend Update: Parris Island Triathlon, Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo, Peyton’s Wild and Wacky

The first BIG weekend of the year and we had a great showing all across the lowcountry.

Parris Island Triathlon Charlie, Ashley, Missy and AlexisCharlie on the podium

What a fun day at the first triathlon of the year. Ashley and Missy, both training for IM Chattanooga 70.3 used this as […]