Exercise of the Week

This one works shoulders, triceps, core, hamstrings, and coordination. Because, let’s face it, strength without coordination is like a car with no keys. Or a bike with no pedals. Start in pushup position and then rotate to side plank while bringing the top leg slightly forward. Continue to rotate while taking what was the […]

Exercise of the week: Forearm plank to high plank to hip pike

Another great all over exercise. Start with your shins on the ball and forearms on the ground. Engage your core and press up to your hands. Then draw your glutes and hips up and pull the ball closer to your upper body. Return to starting position counts as one rep. Try for 10.

// […]

Exercise of the Week: Supine to Standing with Medicine Ball

This works your entire body- shoulders, core, and legs. Begin lying down with medicine ball behind your head and back flat on the ground. Crunch up reaching the ball for your knees, the shift your body weight to a low squat. At this point, squeeze your glutes and use your quads to stand up. […]

Cardiac Drift and Dehydration

It’s hot and humid out and that means more sweating.  Sweat rates vary from person to person so determining your water loss is important.  Weigh yourself before and after you exercise to see how much water weight you have lost.  Studies have shown that a 150 pound athlete can lose 1.5 to 3 pounds […]

Exercise of the Week: Side Plank with Oblique Twist

While this move is great for everyone, it is especially beneficial for improving your swimming since your obliques are used during proper breathing technique. On the supporting arm, ensure your shoulder and elbow are in line and then engage your core to lift your hips off the ground. Twist so that your other elbow […]