24 Week Ironman Training Plan Now Available

Need a training plan for your next ironman but can’t afford monthly coaching? I am pleased to announce the launch of my training plan line.  What differentiates this plan (half-ironman and other endurance events coming soon, contact me if interested) from “free” plans on-line? Those plans are very generic workouts.  They will get you […]

Overtraining Syndrome in Young Female Athletes

I’ve titled this specifying young female athletes, but honestly this can occur in women of all ages.  Men, too, of course, but many times men exhibit different symptoms.

I have had the privilege of working with two high school female swimmers recently- both exhibiting the EXACT same symptoms: decreased athletic performance, anxiety, dizziness, light-headedness, […]

Interval Training: Are you getting anything out of yours?

Following up on the heels of my last post regarding endurance training and long slow distance, I want to spend a minute talking about interval training itself.  As a quick recap, in order to get faster you must provide the body with a training stress large enough to disrupt your body’s homeostatic balance. Running […]

Long, Slow Distance (LSD): It will only take you so far

Wanting to become an endurance athlete? Wanting to become a better endurance athlete? There is still a widely practiced belief that the best way to build and improve endurance are to just go out there and do it- long and slow, then a little longer and slow, then maybe even longer and perhaps a […]

Exercise of the Week: Rhomboid and Scapula Pulls

This week we focus on rhomboid and scapular stabilization and strength. While great for swimmers and runners, too, this is especially beneficial for cyclists who spend the majority of their time hunched forward. Holding a simple exercise band at shoulder width and height, slowly draw your arms back, lifting the chest and squeezing between […]