Weekend Update: Charleston Half Marathon / Charleston Marathon

What a fantastic weekend at the Charleston Marathon for Team AMEC. The weather was lovely- and there was an added bonus of a little extra distance on the course! That wasn’t really a welcome bonus BUT everyone did well all the same.

First, here are our results in the half marathon distance:

Sarah […]

Long, Slow Distance (LSD): It will only take you so far

Wanting to become an endurance athlete? Wanting to become a better endurance athlete? There is still a widely practiced belief that the best way to build and improve endurance are to just go out there and do it- long and slow, then a little longer and slow, then maybe even longer and perhaps a […]

Weekend Update: Charleston Marathon

What a great weekend at the Charleston Marathon.  The weather was NOT ideal: freezing cold temps and blustering winds made for tough conditions but the crew prevailed.  Even with the majority of the course going into the wind we had some great results:

Pearce, Jason, and Hank trying to stay warm before the […]

It’s time to start thinking about 2012

Even though it seems like the Cycling/Triathlon season just ended, it’s time to start thinking about 2012. Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to start planning your racing season. I am here to help. Good racing comes from good preparation. The time is now!

Special Event at Charleston RIDE, Saturday Nov. 5th

Come to Charleston RIDE on Saturday morning, Nov 5th to have an incredible fitness experience. 40 minutes of Spinning, 30 minutes of Running, and then 40 minutes of Yoga! No experience necessary! Click here for more info: PedalPacePranaPDF