Exercise of the Week: Supine to Standing with Medicine Ball

This works your entire body- shoulders, core, and legs. Begin lying down with medicine ball behind your head and back flat on the ground. Crunch up reaching the ball for your knees, the shift your body weight to a low squat. At this point, squeeze your glutes and use your quads to stand up. […]

Exercise of the Week: Side Plank with Oblique Twist

While this move is great for everyone, it is especially beneficial for improving your swimming since your obliques are used during proper breathing technique. On the supporting arm, ensure your shoulder and elbow are in line and then engage your core to lift your hips off the ground. Twist so that your other elbow […]

Boot Camp for Endurance Athletes: Tuesday, June 11th at 5:45 PM at Lowcountry Fit

Resistance/weight training is probably the least utilized mechanism of improvement by endurance athletes.   This training session will consist of 30 minutes of high intensity intervals dispersed between sets of functional training exercises that focus on muscles neglected by the repetitive movements of swimming, biking, and running. $10 drop-in fee.

Lowcountry Fit is located […]

Plyometrics for Cyclists

Coleman Habib, a nationally ranked BMX racer, works with me both on and off the bike.  When we’re off the bike we work on stretching and explosive power.  BMX racing specifically requires explosive power as these are typically short, anaerobic all-out events.   The best exercise that covers all of the components of power are […]

Triathlon Training Clinic Series At TrySports

This clinic series will feature a guest speaker and information about triathlons, followed up by a Q&A session. All clinics will be held at TrySports Mount Pleasant (unless otherwise noted!)

1. Wednesday, February 23rd at 6:00pm: Featuring Anne Moore – Functional Strength Training

2. Wednesday, March 9th at 6:00pm: Featuring Chris Moore – Bike […]