Athlete Spotlight: Phil Vickers

Having been born and raised in Southern California, Phil had a love for water. Swimming and surfing were common activities. After graduating from UCLA, his studies took him to Illinois and then Minnesota.  After completing a residency in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, and a return to California for six years, he ultimately returned to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  Long hours of being on staff, along with raising a family, led to 25 extra pounds.phil1 (2)

Fast forward a few years, his son attended school in Charleston, South Carolina. Upon graduation he wanted to do something different to celebrate- he wanted them all to do a triathlon. So Phil, at the age of 57,  got the triathlon bug in Columbia, South Carolina at the Lake Murray Triathlon. He trained on his  own and finished. although says, “I was thankful I hadn’t drown. Open water swimming was definitely different than swimming in the pool. After that triathlon I was hooked.”

He knew he wanted to do more sprint triathlons that summer. His son put him in touch with me and I designed a program that took him through the summer. He completed  four more sprint triathlons that season.

During that fall, winter, and spring of the following year he attempted to train on his own.  Says Phil, “My first  sprint triathlon of 2012 was a disaster. I emailed Anne immediately and she came to my rescue in June of 2012. Since that time, Anne has been writing my weekly workouts. The next four sprint triathlons during the summer each showed marked improvement. She is giving me great confidence in the water, on the bike, and the run.”

Phil continues to train with me today. He looks forward to 2013 season where he am planning to advance to the Olympic distance along with more Sprint triathlons.

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