Athlete Spotlight: Melisa Coffin

Melisa Coffin

Growing up in Virginia, Melisa was actively involved in riding horses. She ran for fitness but nothing competitive. She did her first marathon  at 32 after being told she could not do it and did well.  As a nurse,  she had a flexible schedule that allowed her to  begin working out more.  She decided to try out triathlon, even though she hadn’t swam or ridden a bike in years.

Her first race was the Parris Island Sprint Triathlon. She met Anne halfway through her first year and helped her successfully complete her  first Beach 2Battleship Half Ironman.  Since then she has completed 6 more halfs, several olympics,  and many sprint triathlons.   This year she plans to tackle her first Ironman.

Says Melisa, “Upon meeting Anne she assisted me in improving my swim stroke as well as building confidence in open water. I also worked with her on riding hills on the bike as well as some of the basics. She continues to help me with my riding and improving my power. Thanks to Anne’s help last year I was able to complete 3 out of 4 half-ironmans under 6 hours and also decreased my sprint and olympic distance times.”

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