Athlete Spotlight: Laura Fralinger


Laura during the Bone Island Triathlon

Growing up in a pool Laura spent the majority of her life as a year round competitive swimmer. After encouragement from her dad to cross-train on the off-season, Laura took up cross country and track only to find that running was not her thing. After going to States with her swim team 4 years, and the Parochial Championships 3 years, Laura decided to continue her swimming career into college. After one season, Laura decided to call it quits and focus on the other aspects of college- putting an end to her athletic career (or so she thought).

After enjoying college, taking 5 years off from working out, and gaining a few pounds Laura decided it was time to get back into working out. In the spring of 2010 she was approached with the question “Do you know how to swim?”; followed by a challenge to train and compete in a sprint triathlon. Accepting the challenge, Laura found the athlete in her and enjoyed every minute of the training. After the race, to no one’s surprise, she was hooked and looked to the next challenge. In 2011, Laura ran her first half marathon and took on the challenge of the Augusta 70.3 half-ironman.

With a half under her belt, Laura felt the only step next was to continue the challenges and sign up for a full ironman. After joining Anne in the Spring of 2012, Laura found an improvement in all three sports. In October 2012, Laura got a personal record (PR) in the half-ironman distance by almost 20 mins- competing in the Beach to Battleship half. On January 12, 2013 – Laura welcomed in the new year and a great season with completing Bone Island Triathlon, her first Ironman distance in Key West, Fl.  Says Anne, “Laura, completed her Ironman in an extremely respectable 12:26:00- especially considering the 3-5 foot seas during the swim and the 30 mph winds that blew all day. I am looking forward to working with her to achieve her new goals in 2013!”

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